ASIAN Journal of International Peace and Security (AJIPS) is a biannual double-blind peer review research journal of the Foundation for Advancement of Independent Research and Learning for International Peace and Security (FAIRLIPS). The foundation aims to promote independent research and learning, both indispensable for securing international peace and security.  


The journal endeavors to advance the mission, principles, aims, and objectives of the foundation.  It believes in the principles of strict adherence to objectivity, impartiality, and neutrality as well as access to truth and its transmission. Its main aim is to supplement the foundation’s objectives particularly: to create, promote and disseminate knowledge, and; to provide researchers from all over the world especially from the developing states such as Pakistan and other regional countries a forum to help publish their research on fast track basis.  


ASIAN Journal of International Peace and Security (AJIPS) is a double-blind peer review Multidisciplinary Social Sciences Research Journal covering mainly but not exclusively peace and security related issues. Since, we take a broader perspective of peace and security encompassing all of its aspects, i.e. political, economic, social, environmental, etc. therefore, the journal accepts highly researched scholarly papers from all fields of social sciences. Preference will, however, be given to papers covering the areas and issues compatible with the foundation’s aims and objectives.  

The Scope of the journal includes: International Relations, Political Science, Defense & Strategic Studies, Peace & Conflict / Security Studies, Psychology, History, Pakistan Studies, Economic, Political Economy, Development Studies, Sociology, Media & Communication Studies, Geography, and Criminology, etc.